Great campaign needs great stories

Graphixstory™ is an international award-winning motion design/animation studio from ‘the city of joy’- Kolkata, India. We craft premium brand video, explainer video, animated music video etc and we love to craft all these for the people/companies/brands who want to make our world a better place to live in.

We are well aware
that design/motion design process in a commercial sense is
a calculated and defined process where planning and execution play
a predominant role and we craft each design and motion with rapt care, attention and love to meet the
objective of every project.

The Story
Stories are something which we all love to listen to and we start sharing a story with friends & people when it motivates us to take action, gives a lot of options to learn new things, restore the faith to achieve ‘the unachievable’ and shows love & care for people.
The animation
The animation is the tool to insert life into every great story, to give it wings to fly away to the distance it deserves to go. We never hesitate to animate an inspiring story with all our heart and abilities in a well directed and personalized manner.

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