Storytelling with Motions

Graphixstory™ is a team of passionate art and creative directors, illustrators,
motion designers and storytellers from ‘the city of joy’- Kolkata, India. We are experts in crafting brand film(animated), explainer/promotional video, visual storytelling, animated music video etc.

We are well aware
that design/motion design process in a commercial sense is
a calculated and defined process where planning and execution play
a predominant role and we craft each design and motion with rapt care, attention and love to meet the
objective of every project.

Ravishing Designs

 Illustrations are something where we can visualize ideas. And we never ever hesitate to put our 100% while designing our friends’ ideas on screen. We craft every pixel with all our love and care to come out with something ‘WOW’ for the world.

Exotic Motions

Our motion design team is well updated and accustomed to the modern and trending animation styles. At the same time, we always remain hungry to innovate, explore and adopt new skills, styles, and techniques of animation to stay ahead of the curve.

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